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Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Dr. C. Alvin Head, President of Premier Consulting Services

The Premier Team has made a significant investment over the last several years to ensure that our anesthesia practices are focused on achieving quality outcomes. We believe that the following foundational building blocks help to ensure continuous quality improvement at each of our sites.


Every quality program needs a strong leader to keep the team focused on the ultimate goal of improving quality. Our practices are structured so that each of our groups have an Onsite Anesthesia Medical Director (AMD) that is responsible for the day-to-day management of their anesthesia practice. The Onsite AMDs monitor ongoing competency and appoint other highly-skilled Anesthesiologists to assist in monitoring their peers.

Key Indicators

Our teams establish a list of key indicators for their individual practice, which can reflect structure, process or outcome. We continuously measure, monitor, improve and then measure again. We realize provider feedback and communication is critical to our success.

Continuous Improvement

We've found public presentation of data can be a mechanism for motivation, such as reporting on compliance with documentation standards. Analyzing and discussing events as a team helps focus on positive improvements and reduces negative concerns.

Process Automation

CQI becomes easier over time, as trends in accumulated data make it possible to discern true problems from random variation. Requiring regular reporting provides momentum and increases provider confidence in results.

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