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Perioperative Management Consulting 

We help you redesign your processes and environments to maximize reimbursements and deliver enhanced patient outcomes.

Healthcare reform has created a need to redesign how we manage patients through the operative and procedural environments. Efficient, high-quality, patient-centered care will deliver improved outcomes. Reaching those outcomes starts with analyzing what resources you have available and restructuring organizational teams in both operating rooms and non-operating room sites to work cooperatively toward the goal. As we shift from quantity to quality care for maximum reimbursements, a concurrent shift in management is needed. Premier Consulting Services can guide you through this shift and help you move healthcare forward. 

Perioperative Surgical Home Consulting 

We help you optimize patient education and interaction to limit readmission and improve the efficiency and quality of care. 

The Perioperative Surgical Home concept is a system of care to coordinate and standardize how surgical patients are treated. Implementation of effective perioperative clinics, procedure-based standardized care pathways, and implementing best practices for managing patient comorbidities are proven methods to improve patient experience, reduce length of stay and readmissions, and improve operational costs.

These well researched and proven methods of surgical care, such as Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols, are being implemented nation-wide with excellent results. We have proven success implementing these programs in large institutions, have the requisite expertise to help you get started, and can educate your staff for success.

Billing and Collections

We help you collect revenue efficiently and effectively while maintaining compliance. 

Don't leave money on the table by neglecting to identify potential revenue opportunities. We have established partnerships with billing and collections agencies that have proven track records of quality and strategic decisions.  Partner with Premier Consulting and quit worrying about lost income and compliance issues.