Healthcare is Changing.

We believe there are three changes

essential for surviving.

Change #1: We must dispose of the silo mentality.

As we face many changes in our industry, we must transform ourselves into viable healthcare teams with elegant, coordinated efforts between administrators, healthcare staff, and physicians.

We must change the silo mentality that lives in today's medical culture and restructure our separate surgery, anesthesiology, and nursing teams into cooperative partnerships focused on integrated, patient-centered care.  

Change #2: We must replace the "Fee for Service" model.

Our current "Fee for Service" payment system does not support patient-centered care in a dynamically changing healthcare environment. 

We need to look at new models for payments, such as the "Alternative Payment Method (APM)" or the "Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)", depending on your institutional needs and goals. These well researched and proven methods of surgical care, such as Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols, are being implemented nation-wide with excellent results. Our consultants have actually implemented these programs in large institutions, have the requisite expertise to help you get started, and can educate your staff for success.

Change #3: We must be deliberate in valuing quality over quantity.

It is essential to maintain a patient-physician relationship as the core of our healthcare system. As patient demand and compliance requirements increase and resources remain limited, it becomes even more difficult to marry the goals of providing quality patient care and collecting adequately for services. 

We need to ensure that protecting and nurturing the patient-physician relationship stays at the heart of each change we make to our processes, environment, and teams. 

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