Is anesthesia helping or hurting your perioperative success? 

Anesthesia is arguably one of the most critical service components for hospitals, but also one of the most complex components to effectively manage. Premier Consulting Services can help you to establish written rules of operational engagement that align your anesthesia group with the hospital to maximize efficiency.  

Our Anesthesia Practice Management Consultation is customized to your facility to include any or all of the components listed below.

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  • Anesthesia Productivity Assessment  

  • Anesthesia Performance Improvement  

  • Anesthesia Service Protocols and Requirements  

  • Anesthesia Leadership Evaluation 

  • Interim Leadership and Change Management Services

  • Organizational Analysis and Recommendations   

  • Anesthesia Staffing Model Assessment 

  • Chief Anesthesiologist Administrative Responsibilities  

  • Surgery Scheduling Solutions